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police, have deployed a criminal harassment network, in colonies like Quebec Canada for subjugation, the Psychological Manipulations, Routines, have been documented and available Psychological Manipulation We created the Radar Assaults and Faraday Cages , and Technology pages to provide information about these technologies that victims are faced with in these hidden dictatorships, colonies, Quebec Canada. YouTube Channel: Bullying News Videos Facebook

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scrap it. If the UK could find a penal colony, a Botany Bay, to take its suspect and and four days after that to a judge, who ordered an anal inspection a forensic anal examination, inflicted without his consent. The examination found him used on September 22, the judge sentenced him to one year in prison, under Article 230 of the Penal Code, which punishes sodomy with up to a

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small percentage of the population of the 13 colonies, 1.6 percent, were overwhelmingly patriots and played a role in the American Revolution out of all proportion to the small fragment of the American people they represented. Among the Catholics who assumed leadership roles in the fight for our

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perhaps the traitorous Sam Adams and John Hancock, who were destined, they thought, to swing from the gallows in England. There was also rumored to be quite a stockpile of war materiel stored there. Continue reading Posted in Un egorized 13 Replies Cake Rape by Paul Stevens Posted on April 11, 2015 by Bill 5 Publishers Note: Paul is a personal friend and wrote this splendid riposte to yet another statecreated crisis in freedom of association that is the

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take or send away forcibly, as to a penal colony. deportment n. Demeanor. deposition n. Testimony legally taken on interrogatories and reduced to writing, for use as evidence in court. depositor n. One who makes a deposit, or has an amount deposited.

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these lands, decimated the tribes and enslaved those who survived. It was not the pieces of paper and the scribbles on them that have administered and maintained these penal colonies through the generations ever since. It was force

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Wikipedia and the founding of the British penal colony in Australia, at Botany but one who ended up in Australia rather than Canada CAUTION: