retaing wall with decking boards

How to Build a Retaining Wall DIY Family Handyman 0183 32Screw the 1x6 treated boards to the sheathing with 2in. deck screws. We spaced our boards every 11/2 in. using a scrap 2x4 as a spacer. Dont trust the spacer for more than a few boards at a time. Occasionally check a board with a level and make any necessary adjustments. Build a Circular Patio and Retaining Wall: The Family Handyman

Can I cover a retaing wall with decking boards MyBuilder Can i cover a retaing wall with decking boards. I have retaining wall in my back garden. It is about forty feet long and four feet high and is very bad crumbling bricks and I want to either replace or cover it up what do you suggest homeowner. 2 2 Answers from

10 Outdoor Projects You Can Build with Composite 0183 32Composite decking boards can be cut, drilled and fastened like conventional lumber. Unlike wood, however, composite boards are defect free, so you can use every inch. If there are scraps, make them into a bird house or bird feeder. Heres how to build a cantina bird feeder in two hours.: Kurt Meyers

How to Build a Wood Retaining Wall: 12 Steps with Pictures 0183 32To build a wood retaining wall, clear the area where you want to build, measure the length of the space, and buy enough boards and posts to complete the wall. Next, mark the ground with chalk every 3 feet to indi e : 85/100

How to Build a Wood Retaining Wall The Spruce boards are then nailed across the backs of the posts, much like fence boards. This project will produce a strht, 16foot long, wood retaining wall that is 24 inches high. The construction method used is suitable only for low walls of a maximum of 30 inches. Taller walls require a