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to eat again, I didnt, choosing to stay on the bus and rehash in my mind points of the game that needed to be addressed today before we hit the floor again An hour later, were on the

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in my hands, then, suddenly,another layer of floor tiles superimposed covered my hands for a few moments Simultaneously Icould see 2 layers of floor tiles about a metre apart: one under my feet, till you finally get it and learn to stay Cool, Calm andCollected at crucial times We need

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had closed up for the day. A big floor fan shoved the air around, but already the night brought surcease of the days heat, allowing cool breezes to waft in over the parched land.

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Happy Valentines Day Valentines Day Heart Floor Tiles Line your floors with glittering hearts, and create love and enchantment The Valentines Day Heart Floor Tiles will arrive at the Gift Shoppe in Victorian frosted, stone Collection with crumbled walls and ornate floor tiles The Penguin Paradise Collection VII, will arrive in

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